Zahira wrote for NZ camp 14

15/12/2013 00:00


OSHO- Sufi camp 2014  with Zahira and Friends

11.2. - 11.3. 2014

Absurdistan / New Zealand


there are moments 

in sweet love

when heaven is jealous

of what

we on earth

can do







beloved friends all over the world,


strangely the inspiration for this camp coming up is about the community.

many people know about my stories of living in spiritual communities  which started at the age of 22 in my life and since then it went on and surely there were many moments i never wanted to live this kind of life again.


now i am in a community again. We have got this amazingly beautiful place in NZ, i feel it is an existential gift. It is an experiment to live together with people in consciousness, in an effort to wake up.

It is definitely not easy, but i still have the enthusiasm and passion for it. In OSHO communities we all bowed down to the sangha, the spiritual commune of all people.

I also feel the practicality of the teaching is more obvious and in these days i find it very useful when people learn again to put there energies together to create an energy field.

I love the example of an orchestra. If you play your instrument alone, you play alone…. there are limitations. when you are in an orchestra, many more dimensions are possible and you can create a symphony.

Your uniqueness is not lost …. it is just melting with others. A commune is just like an orchestra, we pool our energies together and harmonies arise.

In a camp we live the life together. It is not artificial, it is just not concentrated on your ego….. being is all that is needed and then these beautiful moments of just melting are possible.

My time of having groups and happenings all over the planet is slowly coming to an end and i want to put my energy wholeheartedly into the commune.

So, come and join us for a taste





some useful practicalities


we have summer in nz and the prediction goes that it will be a hot and dry summer. but in nz one never knows. so please bring warm things as well as some rain gear.

you can bring your own tent or rent a caravan.

other practical details you can contact yatra for english speakers, sangita for russians and tilasmi for taiwan