Staying in Absurdistan Community in Summer.

14/12/2012 14:58

When you have arranged with us to stay here, please be aware of the following costs and accommodation options.


The Cost:

To stay in Absurdistan outside of the camp dates is $30 per day, including meals.


Accommodation Options:



If you have your own tent there is no extra charge for camping.



If you would like to hire a caravan please let us know in advance, so we can arrange for it to be here.

The cost is approximately $100 to $120 per week depending on the size you need. This is also the price during the camp with Zahira.


Other Possibilities:

If these options do not meet your needs for some reason, please contact us.


Remember to Bring: 

Organic, bio-degradable soap and shampoo products; sunscreen lotion, hats and shoes for the beach.

We can provide you with insect repellant and other healing balms, made naturally at a good price.


Getting Here:

We appreciate your communication around arrival dates and any queries about getting here.

From Downtown Auckland there are daily buses by InterCity and Naked Bus companies to Kaiwaka.

You can find the schedules and make a booking online.


There is no public phone in Kaiwaka to call us, so please let us know when you will get there so we can meet you.

There is a fixed price of $10 for that taxi ride.


So come, enjoy community life and go with the flow.......